What Strikes Me About Relationships...

I have always felt that we are taught much math, science and English at schools but not much about dealing with each other - relationships - at least not as much as I think we should be taught. Social settings become our schooling to prepare us for the huge responsibility of adult relationships.

Solving A Dispute In The Sand-Box

I remember sand-box arguments. I remember being at nursery school and riding my tricycle and being stopped by another boy who stuck a stick into my face. What struck me is that from a young age I noticed an urge to resolve a dispute using force. Also, I remember countless times when friends came over and eventually left in a huff, leaving without speaking, frustrated, unable to explain or to share his inner turmoil.

What Do I Need To Fix Things?

Despite 'enlightened' modern thinking, conflict is not a thing of the past. In fact, our world is riddled with conflict which extends beyond inter-personal relationships. Personal relationships are one level where conflict occurs. Division, terrorism and war are others. No single person is without a view as to what might be needed to make this world a better place. Psychologists, philosophers, poets, politicians and pastors all have an approach. Not a single approach will work unless it is taught and received. Following introduction, only then, can there be a practice. As a family lawyer, I would like to see individuals with a greater skill-set to deal with differences and express those safely in a relationship without violence.

The Fabric Of Family Law Is A Set Of Legal Rules Which Relates To Having Access To Our Children When Relationships Are Souring, Financial Arrangements Which Follow, And Rules Dividing A Positive Or Negative Estate

The law imposes principles on society which the legislator believes exists for a social need. To stop violence, the law provides that a victim can get a restraining order, for example, or end a marriage. What a restraining order or dissolution does not do, is educate a person. Classes might do that. A program for domestic violence or anger management is typically visited by those who are there by court order and any skill-set is not given to a society at large, to enable us to be better friends and resolve differences constructively.

I Am In Favor Of Teaching Principles Of Conflict Management And Basic Inter-Personal Skills

This sort of instruction should not just be for those with failed marriages or anger issues. Just as we are taught math - we can be taught what a relationship is and how it may be nurtured. This would stand us all in good stead in our homes, work places and as citizens of the countries that we dwell in.

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